Wooden Dummies

Wing Chun Dummies/Wooden Dummy are a traditional practice tool for Wing Chun and other Chinese martial arts, including Ba Gua Zhang, Hung Gar Kuen, and Bak Mei. They are also called Wing Tsun Mook Jong. A typical Wing Chun Wooden dummy consists of a round “body”, three “arms”, and a “leg”, all made of wood, which are positioned for practicing Wing Chun techniques. The advantage of the Wing Chun Wooden Dummy over the punching bag is that the Wing Chun system's simultaneous attack/defense movements can be practiced on it. The Wing Chun Wooden Dummy also allows the student the opportunity to use his full striking strength, while at the same time toughening his bones, tissues, arms and legs. We have a variety of styles available, including wall-mounted, free-standing, spinning, spring-framed, and compact. Our solid trunk Wooden Dummies are made from various hardwood to include Chinese Fur, Teak Wood,Sandal Wood and Rosewood. 



FOR HELP DECIDING WHICH WOODEN DUMMY SUITS YOUR NEEDS, please consult our guide on Choosing a Wooden Dummy.

NOTE FOR WOODEN DUMMIES: All of our Wing Chun wooden dummies are constructed in and imported from China/Hong Kong. The materials are shipped from one location in China to the manufacturer in Taiwan or Hong Kong (depending on the type of wooden dummy), who constructs them and then ships them to us. During this time, the wood used is subjected to significant changes in humidity while moving from one location to another. This can cause the wood to expand and contract in transit and, in some cases, can cause the appearance of hairline cracks upon the wood's surface. These cracks are a natural occurrence and do NOT negatively effect the functionality or durability of the wooden dummy.  WE INSPECT EACH WOODEN DUMMY BEFORE SHIPPING.  If the presence of any of the aforementioned cracks or other aesthetic blemish is discovered, we will provide the customer with photographs of those areas and let them decide whether or not they would like to have the dummy shipped to them.  Obviously, if any defect that affects the functionality of the wooden dummy (either short- or long-term) is found, it will not be shipped; another wooden dummy will be inspected to fill the customer's order.