Chinese Culture

We have a variety of subcategories to cover items related to Chinese culture and martial arts. A traditional Kung Fu school is not complete unless it has three key elements; martial training, lion dance, and healing skills. We have four types of lions as well as the traditional musical instruments to outfit your lion dance team. In the healing or Health & Fitness supply area; we have no less than forty five items including the popular Dit Da Jow. Dit Da Jow is the standard Kung Fu liniment for bruises, sore muscles and iron palm training. The Bead and Jewelry category has beads shipped directly from the Shaolin Temple and they make a nice complement to authentic monk outfits. Mahjong, Chinese Checker and Chinese Chess sets can be found under Miscellaneous Treasures. The Posters section has many posters related to specific Kung Fu forms and has illustrations of the forms movements. One classic poster is the Wing Tsai Lam poster depicting the Tiger and Crane set based on his book written in the early 1900’s.

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No less than 45 Scrolls and a dozen Finished Calligraphy pieces are available, many with martial arts themes to decorate your Kwoon, Dojo or home. Some common and not so common teas are available in the Tea & Teapot section. An example of less common tea is Monkey Picked Tea. Legend has it that these treasured leaves were grown and harvested in inaccessible high mountains of China’s Fujian province and only well trained monkeys could climb and retrieve them. Fabulous works of art can be found in the Chinese Traditional Embroidery section. With history dating back more than 2000 years ago, Chinese Traditional Embroidery is considered the Pearl of Oriental Art for it beautiful designs which is achieved by varied stitches, superb workmanship and elegant colors. Each embroidered piece is a handcrafted piece of art shipped directly from China.