Iron Skills

Under Iron Skills we carry everything you need for training Shaolin Iron Palm, Iron Body, and Tiger Iron Palm. Our bags are made here at WLE by Sifu Wing Lam. Shaolin Iron Palm Bags, Iron Body Bags, and Tiger Iron Palm Bags are available for entry level, intermediate, and advanced level. Sifu Wing Lam's Dit Da Jow is considered by many to be a top notch training liniment as well as his Instructional DVD's and Ultimate Iron Palm Book. With Sifu Wing Lam's passion for Kung fu he has spent countless hours measuring and cutting wood for Tiger Iron Palm Table Kit's and has made custom tables on request. Contact us if interested in a quote.

Iron skills is a blanket term for several forms of hard qigong; conditioning regimens used to make certain parts of the body denser and tougher in addition to training the user's understanding of Qi. These Iron skills include Iron Palm and Iron Body (sometimes referred to as Iron Shirt, originally termed Small Golden Bell Qigong). Iron palm is a body of techniques that are typically meant to condition the hands to allow a practitioner to deliver very powerful blows without injury to his or her body. This regimen also develops the practitioners ability to control the power of their strikes and increases sensitivity. Iron Body is a regimen for the entire body, and includes meditation, stretching and ligament-strengthening exercises in addition to body-beating conditioning techniques. Massaging the hands with a special liniment called Dit Da Jow is usually considered an essential component of Iron Skills training. The usage of Dit Da Jow is thought to aid in preventing callus buildup, enhancing blood flow and healing, providing nutrients for recovery, and removing dead skin and tissue. WLE is proud to make available the equipment necessary for this kind of training, as well as instructional DVDs and books on how to perform the exercises correctly and Dit Da Jow to use for massage.