Sparring Gear

If you want to be an effective fighter, you need to fight. If you're not ready to fight, you have to spar. And if you're going to spar, some gear will prevent injury and allow you to be consistent in your training. At WLE, we offer protective gear for every part of the body, including: hand-wraps, grappling gloves, bag gloves, shin and instep guards, forearm and wrist guards, cups and groin protectors, head guards of various levels of protection, mouth guards, and chest protectors.

We also offer coaching equipment such as focus mitts, Muay Thai pads, kick paddles, "blockers", punching bags and kick shields. These items can be found here.

Whether you're training or coaching in MMA, Muay Thai, San Da/San Shou, Boxing, Kickboxing, or any full-contact medium, we hope you find what you need here.