Bo Staff - Martial Arts Weapons

Bo which is a staff is a weapon used in Japanese Martial Arts for Bojutsu. Chinese Martial Arts used the term staff or gun in Kung fu or gongfu, wushu or traditional. Bo Staff is the common term now used. A Bo Staff can be made from a variety of wood such as wax wood, red oak, white oak, rattan, graphite, teak wood,etc. A bo staff can also be made of foam rubber over pvc,or even metal. The Bo Staff range from heavy to light weight, from rigid to highly flexible, and can be single tapered, double tapered or just a straight staff. See our selection. We also carry 3 piece graphite bo, 3 section staffs, and 2 section staffs.


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The basic purpose of the staff is increasing the force delivered in a strike, through leverage, and to benefit from the extra distance this weapon affords. The user's relatively slight motion, effected at the point of handling the staff, results in a faster, more forceful motion by the tip of the staff against the object or subject of the blow; thus enabling long-range crushing and sweeping strikes. The staff may also be thrust at an opponent, allowing one to hit from a distance. It also is used for joint-locks, thrusting of the staff that immobilize a target joint, which are used to non-fatally subdue an opponent. The staff is a weapon mainly used for self-defense, and can be used to execute several blocks and parries. Martial arts techniques, such as kicks and blocks, can also be combined with weapon techniques when practicing this martial art to enhance its effectiveness.

Shaolin Kung Fu and Chinese Martial Arts has 4 basic weapons: The staff, the broadsword, the spear, and the straight sword. The Staff is known as The Father of All Weapons

There were of course many staff types as there are different woods, people and ways of using. But in general most staffed weapons can be cut into 5 specific sizes (general lengths - all Shaolin weapon dimensions were measured in 'natural' measurements relating to the user);

Dragon Staff (app 1½ person lengths or 8 to 9 foot) Shaolin Staff (app 1 person length or 5½ to 6½ foot[also Rat Tail Staff, very flexible, Bai La Wood]) Carry Staff (app ¾ person length) Cudgel or Walking Stick (app half person length and very stout)

Flute, Ruler (app fore arm to fore arm and hand length)

Our staffs are made in a variety of materials. White Wax Wood is grown in Northern China and this wood is used because of the flexibility, resiliency and spring-like quality. Wax Wood staffs are also lighter in weight which allows faster movement. Red Oak is a denser heavier wood and translates into a greater impact force. Graphite is used for its durability, is non-warping, and comes in a variety of colors. Graphite is not recommended for sparring although great for forms and demonstrations.