Custom and Exotic Weapons

Sifu Wing Lam has dedicated time to improving the overall aspects of Chinese martial arts training. Never satisfied with the poor quality of modern Chinese weapons, Sifu Lam has learned to forge and fit his own arms -- broadswords, straight swords, butterfly swords, knives, chain whips, and halberds. His specialty is the custom refitting of blades with heavy guards and handles, worthy of practice and combat. Over the past few years, Sifu Lam has had many requests to make custom-made spears. He has finally begun making them, the first of which is the popular Chinese Leaf-Shaped Spear. The spear head is made of high-carbon steel, featuring axe-type cutting edges with a reinforcing spine, complete with a perfectly staight white wax wood shaft, and completed with a hand tied actural horsetail hair tassel.

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The broadswords and straight swords are made from authentic polished Long Quan (Dragon Well) blades crafted with brass hand-ground guards and pomels, out of the finest quality solid brass customized to a perfect balance. Sword handles are hand-carved of exotic hardwood to give you a truly custom fit. Sifu Lam hand polishes the blade to a brilliant natural luster and brings out the beautiful engravings in exquisite detail.

Sifu Wing Lam makes Combat Butterfly Swords with the same high quality craftsmanship of his custom-made Masters Butterfly Swords. The difference is that the Combat Butterfly Swords are not taken through the final polishing process and are about half the price as the Master Butterfly Swords. The blades are hand ground and the guards are polished to a satin finish. Built solid to endure the rigors of battle! The Master Butterfly Swords are made with 440 grade surgical steel and blades are made specially fitted for each individual

Making custom weapons is a time consuming process. Due to Sifu Wing Lamís busy schedule, itís not often that he has time for his passion for customizing weapons, thus the very limited production and rareness of these treasures. Hereís your opportunity to acquire a personalized custom weapon.