Wing Lam Chin Na DVD & Videos

Chin Na is not a style that can stand alone by itself, they are special grasping techniques and fighting movements that were acquire from different systems of kung fu. Chin Na techniques are an introduction into the theories and applications on how to apply powerful holds to defeat any opponent, by using leverage to overcome stronger opponents.

Cha Na techniques is not only use to control the opponents joints by twisting the wrist or elbow to the maximum tolerance to cause pain, it also uses techniques to dislocate the opponent’s body joints (finger, wrist, elbow, shoulder, neck, ankle, knee, and hip joints). All those techniques are hidden in the movements of the solo forms, as we learn each form we have to take the form apart to discover the hidden treasures.

Wing Lam Chin Na technique series are based on Hung Gar, Shaolin, Tai Chi and Bagua styles that he teaches, and are well organized into step by step, easy to learn format, from beginner to advance levels. The instructional series includes basic grappling, breaking holds, press point attacks, ground fighting, defeating armed opponents and training methods with tools.