Wing Lam Hung Gar DVD

The essence of Hung Gar can be found in its name,” hung” means to stand tall with integrity. Hung Gar principles stress honesty, directness, iron willpower and righteousness. Hung Gar training emphasizes strong stances, iron-like hard blocks, low snapping kicks, ambidexterity, deceptive hand techniques and power. The core sets focus on five animals (dragon, tiger, snake, panther and crane), five elements and the twelve bridge concepts. All Hung Gar movements are geared for close-range combat. This is the most recognizable style in Canton with the many movies made by Jet Li and Jackie Chan about legendary Hung Gar master Wong Fei Hung.

To emphasize the Hung Gar character training and progress to higher level skills, Wing Lam Hung Gar instructional DVDs are supplemented by another Hung Gar style, Ha Say Fu Hung Gar, which branched out from the Southern Shaolin temple founded in Fujian province. This rare style is only well known in the south provincial capital city in Fuzhoz and the other the three nearby lower counties. Ha Say Fu Hung Gar style has similar characteristics as Canton Hung Gar and training with the five animals’ movement forms, although it employs many other ancient weapons that are not implemented in other kung fu styles.