Wing Lam Shaolin DVD

One of the greatest legacies of Shaolin Temple is the Shaolin Kung fu style, after 1500 years of research and development by generations of history’s most powerful warriors. This style is vast and complex as the universe, it includes many defense and offence fighting techniques, many external and internal training exercises, and survival, healing, and life prolonging theory. While training in the Shaolin style is mainly training to strengthen the body, develop limbs harmonization, increases agility of the mind, develop body agility, and to train the martial skill to such degree that victory can be gained in all forms conflicts. In addition to that, it builds moral character, as a good martial artist is better person to the world. Shaolin practitioners are renowned for their devastating acrobatic kicking techniques from basic kicks like front toe kick to the amazing jumping back kick, to low sweeps to the blazingly fast tornado kick.

Our Shaolin style was passsed down from shaolin monk “Chao Yuen” who traveled to the city of Fei in the Shandong province some time in the 16th century. Chao Yuen passed the style to Yim Tai Gong. Yim Tai Gong kept the style within the Yim family, closed to the public, for four more generations. In 1905, an 11 year old, Gu Yu Zhang, came to study from master Yim Kai Wan who agreed to teach outside of the Yim family as a favor to a friend who’s health was failing. Later the most famous iron palm and iron body master Gu Ru Zhang became one of the teachers in Guo Shu Guan, (a national treasure school of martial arts supported by the central Chinese government). Guo Ru Zhang came to Canton teaching this style; from then on this style gained popularity and is prevalent in Southern China.