Wing Lam Tai Chi

Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan) is without hesitation the most popular of all internal styles in the West. The name "Taiji" is often translated as "Great Ultimate" and according to Chinese cosmology it refers to the state of the universe from which Heaven and Earth, Yin and Yang are born. The theory of the style is based on this dialectics and uses pairs of contradictory but at the same time complimentary terms like "solid-empty." The art of Taijiquan is divided into numerous sub-styles, however there are four styles that stand as the most prolific; Chen, Yang, Wu and Sun style. Chen style is based on "silk reeling” and known for using many fast movements and with obvious power. Yang style was created by Yang "the Invincible" Luchan and is the most popular of all branches. It is characterized by slow large flowing movements. Wu (Yuxiang) style is often called "scholar's style" and uses small, compact movements. Sun style was founded by renowned master Sun Lu-Tang, and represents what he felt were the most important concepts of the three major internal styles (Xing Yi, Ba Gua, and Tai Chi).

The main features of Taijiquan are its slow, relaxed, linked movements. Apart from standing and routine practice, one should engage in Pushing Hands exercises with partner, which not only allow one to accurately correct all errors within one's own frame to learn all basic "strengths" of Taijiquan. It also teaches one to almost effortlessly defeat the opponent by using softness against hardness according to principle "to overcome the power of 1000 pounds with a power of four ounces."

Wing Lam teaches Yang style Tai Chi as originally taught by Wu Dang sword master Li Jing Lin who then passed on his teachings to Shaolin Iron palm master, Gu Ru Zhang. The Sun Style Tai Chi lineage was received by Wing Lam from the late Sun Jian Yun, the daughter of the style's founder.