Wing Lam Xing Yi DVD

Xinyiquan (literally Mind-Intent Boxing) is said to have been created by Yue Fei, general, patriot and national hero who lived in Song dynasty (12th century). However historical records point at Ji Longfeng (Ji Jike) living in 17th century as the one who created the art on the basis of his experience in spear fighting. The art was passed to Ma Xueli, who transmitted it to Moslem communities in Henan province and became the major self-defense means of Islam followers in China, kept in secret and not passed to people of other nationalities until the 1930s. Another branch was passed to Dai clan in Shanxi province, who developed it into a very sophisticated and internalized art. Li Laoneng learnt from Dai clan in 19th century and taught in both Shanxi and Hebei provinces. It was Li and his students who made the art very popular. From their times, the art changed its name into Xingyiquan (literally Shape-Intent Boxing) and was completely transformed into a style differing a lot from Xinyiquan. It was Xingyiquan that Yi Quan (Intent Boxing) was based on when created by Wang Xiangzhai.

Wing Lam teaches the Xing Yi style from the Hebei provinces of Li Laoneng lineage to master Sun Lu Tang and his daughter, Sun Jian Yun. Xing Yi features the straight line drills with direct five elements and the twelve animalsí effective movements. Xing Yi is considered a style that can give fighting ability in the shortest time due to its focus on obvious power in the first few years of practice.